13 Artists That Have Spectacular Raspy Voices

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One of the first points fans pay attention to when they’re introduced to a new artist is their voice. Diverse in tones and also depth, there are idols who take place to have several of the inmost voices in the industry. It goes without saying, their voices are rather captivating– be it throughout a normal conversation or as part of a performance. As long as we ‘d love to mention every musician that has an impressive scratchy voice, below is simply a selection that fits the description!


One can not merely talk about deep vocals without discussing T.O.P. Whether he’s simply speaking or spitting rhymes, his voice is bound to send out chills down your spinal column.

2. EXID’s LE If you maintain listening to LE’s raspy voice, you’ll find it to be unbelievably relaxing. But when she starts rapping, she generally sets the

area on

fire with her lit flow! 3.

GOT7’s Jackson Jackson’s hoarse voice precedes its credibility. It’s

amusing to hear in selection shows, as well as naturally, it produces an incredibly swaggy rap.

4. Jessi A husky voice and also a badass mindset are Jessi’s trademark. Whether she raps, sings, or playfully shouts in variety programs, she’s a pleasure to see and listen to! 5. Roaming Kids’ Felix Next up is a five-star deep voice,

deeper than your hopes as well as desires. With Felix presenting a charming character, in some cases it’s unsubstantiated that these vocals come from him.

6. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul is the utmost woman crush, and also the deepness of her voice is quickly among the numerous reasons everybody appreciates her music, be it as a MAMAMOO member or as a soloist. 7. BTS’s V Whether he’s making up for his solo launches or singing his knowledgeables with his participants, V’s low pitch makes all of his efficiencies fanciful as it completely merges with the instrumentals.

8. (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi

Yuqi is bewitching as ever before as she utilizes her deep-toned vocals to lay out powerful efficiencies, hence establishing the mood for her listeners.

9. MONSTA X’s I.M If you’re seeking some premium quality ASMR storytelling, look no further. I.M dazzles as he reads a passage from “The Little Prince”

on” Weekly Idolizer.” 10. Lee Hello there Lee Hi there’s stunning vocals have the capability to easily transition in between husky and high-pitched tones, which elevate the quality of her performances.

11. B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk has a deep voice, the kind that is suggested to supply fiery rhymes. Paying attention to his music is bound to send chills down your spine in the most unanticipated means.

12. KARD’s Jiwoo For a person with a naturally raspy voice, Jiwoo surely uses it in such a delicate way. Her low-pitched notes are refined but ever so exciting, especially when she covers English tunes.

13. EXO’s Chanyeol has among those voices that requires no intro. One pay attention is all it takes to be instantly hooked to his enchanting noise, both as a rapper and also as a singer.

Which idolizer’s deep voice is your fave? Allow us understand in the comments below!

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