Authorities Incapable To Locate Wrongdoer Behind Theft Of Late Goo Hara’s Safe + Close Investigation

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It was belatedly revealed that the police examination on the robbery of the late Goo Hara’s personal safe had actually been closed.

On April 28, Seoul Gangnam Police headquarters exposed that they had decided to tentatively close the situation up until the statute of limitation runs out because there were not nearly enough bring about settle the case.

Goo Hara’s safe was stolen from her house in January 2020, and the authorities began examining the burglary in March that year after Goo Hara’s bro Goo Ho In filed a report. The burglary was made recognized to the general public that year in October after Goo Ho In and also Dispatch revealed CCTV video footage of an unknown culprit climbing into Goo Hara’s house to swipe the secure.

Based on the wrongdoer’s behavior during the robbery, such as the reality that they tried to go into the old password to the house, Goo Hara’s sibling Goo Ho In and her acquaintance “K” believed that the offender was somebody that understood Goo Hara directly. The cops were not able to determine any kind of suspects and wrapped up the investigation on December 17 last year.

An authorities source stated, “We executed investigations from different angles, taking declarations from related people, checking out the scene, inspecting CCTV footage, and also extra, but we can not identity a suspect and also submitted the case away as unsettled.”

Regarding the CCTV video footage, the authorities commented, “We might not identify the offender entirely based on the footage sent by the sufferer’s side. Since we received the report two months after the burglary happened, the information in the surrounding CCTV video cameras had already been removed (run out).”

As for the opportunity of a reinvestigation, the source reacted, “It is only feasible if there is additional proof. There has not been any valuable proof up until now.”

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