“Awaken” Teases Reveal Of All The Secrets Bordering Yoon Sunlight Woo’s Identity

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Who specifically is Yoon Sunlight Woo’s character in “Awaken”?


In the tvN enigma drama “Awaken,” Yoon Sunlight Woo plays the role of Moon Jae Woong, a cyberpunk who works at the portal website MODU. The visibly nervous loner, whose position as well as stare mean his withdrawn nature and his isolation from the outside world, suffers physical abuse at the hands of MODU CEO Jang Yong Sik (played by Jang Hyuk Jin).

The only area Moon Jae Woong is able to get away to is the convenience store, where he repetitively runs into Jamie (played by Lee Chung Ah) and eventually makes her colleague. While speaking with her over his instant noodles, the skeptical but innocent Moon Jae Woong began to open his heart to the FBI representative, who was instinctively attracted to the hacker after their very first meeting.

On the current episode of the dramatization, it showed up most likely that Moon Jae Woong might be the essential “3rd kid” from the White Night Town who made it through along with Do Jung Woo (Namgoong Min) and Jamie. The character has previously presented both superhuman strength and extraordinary mental ability without understanding it, and he likewise revealed that he is able to cause lucid dreaming, though he does not recognize how.

As the dramatization has actually strongly suggested the possibility that the “3rd kid” in question is the true serial awesome, customers are keeping a close eye on Moon Jae Woong as they try to suss out his identity. The enigmas surrounding the interesting character have actually even led viewers to hypothesize that he might have multiple personalities– or probably a double.

The manufacturers of “Awaken” have teased that every one of the solution to audiences’ concerns will certainly be exposed this week, mentioning, “On this week’s episodes [of ‘Awaken’], Yoon Sunlight Woo’s identification and all the secrets connected to it will certainly emerge.”

“Particularly,” they added, “as Yoon Sun Woo’s identity is revealed, the story will certainly drink things up much more as it unfolds.”

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The following episode of “Awaken”

will air on December 28 at 9 p.m. KST. In the meanwhile,

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