Enjoy: Kim Jong Kook As Well As Track Ji Hyo Talk About Working Out As Well As More On Kim Jong Kook’s New YouTube Channel

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Song Ji Hyo made an unique appearance on Kim Jong Kook’s YouTube channel in a new video!

In the video clip, Kim Jong Kook and also Track Ji Hyo flaunt their “Running Man” relationship as they talk concerning working out, regulating their diet regimens, their perfect type of body, and extra.

Kim Jong Kook shared, “I was planning on hunting a pretty area and talking over some great food, however the visitor was 2 hrs late. The factor was due to the fact that she went consuming last night.” Track Ji Hyo stood up and hung her head in apology, quipping, “I was drinking because I was lonesome yesterday.”

Track Ji Hyo is starring in the upcoming tving drama “The Witch’s Diner,” as well as Kim Jong Kook stated, “You’re playing a witch, as everyone understands. Are you trying to bulk up for the duty?”

Song Ji Hyo shared that she had put on weight just recently and said, “Personally, I find diet plans really testing because I such as food.” Kim Jong Kook joked, “Isn’t it because you like alcohol?” He after that exposed, “Starting around 15 years back, my weight hasn’t transformed by greater than a couple of kgs (2.2-2.4 pounds).” Song Ji Hyo reacted, “Are you human?”

Prior to reaching the official exercise portion, Kim Jong Kook asked Song Ji Hyo if she had a suitable body type in mind. She showed an image of an international model in a swimsuit and Kim Jong Kook observed, “Are you attempting to go for a voluminous number?”, however she reacted, “I do not believe that would certainly fit my body type. I wish to develop a number that has pretty lines.”

Kim Jong Kook recommended, “You can produce that type of physique even without mosting likely to the gym. As long as you have the decision to watch what you consume and develop your adaptability, then you can develop that body. You do not need to do heavy weight training at the gym. To produce this type of body, you can just polish the information of the number you currently have.”

Song Ji Hyo shared her love for food and claimed, “I can feel myself drooling. I assume I’m a rather reasonable person. You’re the one that isn’t reasonable.”

Kim Jong Kook likewise shared advice like, “I differ with people that attempt to make their bodies just for the summertime. Instead of establishing the summertime as an objective, they should make objectives for following year and also exercise a little on a daily basis. Slimming down should be attached to health and wellness as opposed to beauty.”

Take a look at the video clip with English captions below!

Tune Ji Hyo

‘s drama”The Witch’s Restaurant” will certainly be available on Viki.

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