Enjoy: Lee Je Hoon And Also Tang Jun Sang Assistance People With Their Last Relocate Approaching Dramatization “Relocate To Paradise”

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The upcoming Netflix initial series “Relocate to Heaven” starring Lee Je Hoon and also Tang Jun Sang released a brand-new poster and trailer!

“Transfer to Paradise” has to do with an ex-convict with a helpless future called Jo Sang Gu (Lee Je Hoon) that all of a sudden ends up being the guardian of Han Gu Ru (Tang Jun Sang), his nephew with Asperger’s syndrome. Together, they function as “injury cleansers,” people who tidy up criminal offense scenes and also organize the belongings of the deceased. Through the experience, they discover about the importance of life and also death in addition to family members and also interaction.

The drama is influenced by the nonfiction essay by Kim Sae Byul titled “Things Left,” and it will be helmed by director Kim Sung Ho of “Exactly How to Swipe a Pet dog” as well as penciled by scriptwriter Yoon Ji Ryun of “Angel Eyes.” It was additionally confirmed that Lee Jae Wook and also Ji Jin Hee would certainly be making unique appearances in the dramatization.

The recently released poster attributes Han Gu Ru and also Jo Sang Gu recalling as they stroll forward on a peaceful road. Both job as injury cleansers for the firm “Relocate to Heaven,” which help in the final step of those that have actually passed on while leaving a tale they couldn’t tell.

In addition, the new intro starts with Han Gu Ru introducing himself.” I am Han Gu Ru, an injury cleaner. Your final relocation is about to start.”As Han Gu Ru as well as Jo Sang Gu clean up the precious things left by the dead, the teaser features the inscription, “Every death has a story to tell. We light your unimaginable stories so they can survive.” Han Gu Ru thoroughly covers up the continuing to be trace of the person in a yellow box. Jo Sang Gu states, “We are Move to Heaven.”

See the trailer below!

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