Episode 6 Of “Kingdom”: It’s Track Meet Time!

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This week, we have a modification of speed where the young boys leave the workshop as well as out right into the sunlight for a day of showing off occasions. To no person’s shock, part-time-idol/part-time-athlete BTOB’s Minhyuk radiates (actually); iKON are, well, still iKON; as well as every person has fun applauding Changmin on!

THE BOYZ’s Q is likewise named Changmin. Looter warning: Positions for round 2 are detailed towards completion of the article. Prior to we get to the real vitamin D infused track satisfy, the program proceeds on from last week by introducing the style for rounded 3, which is” No Restriction. ” Unlike the previous two rounds, there will be 2 components to this third round. Partially 1, the 6 groups will certainly be separated into 2 larger groups. ATEEZ, after putting first in the previous round, was provided the selection to choose their teams, as well as they selected Stray Kids and BTOB, which implies iKON, SF9, and THE BOYZ automatically form the other team. These bigger teams will break off into smaller sized units– singing, rap, dance/performance– and challenge with each other. Essentially, all that simply implies that we’ll be in collaboration country, as well as I’m already buzzing with

enjoyment. For part 2, the children will certainly be back in their OG teams, and also they’ll deliver an efficiency with no restrictions whatsoever. (THE BOYZ is currently attempting to court MC Changmin). The voting for this part will certainly change to just how it was in the past, with one little adjustment being that the groups will only have 2 votes rather than three.

Exactly how high can you leap?

Currently, onto KTM– Kingdom Track Meet! (Brought to you by one very buzzed Kevin from THE BOYZ).

There were 3 events altogether, and they were MCed by TVXQ’s Changmin along with a turning panel of team agents. The teams were divided according to the round 3 groups, with team Mayfly containing ATEEZ, Stray Kids, and also BTOB, whereas group The-i-9 include THE BOYZ, iKON, and also SF9.

The initial event was vaulting, as well as to begin them off was none other than the Tall Idols SF9 (who are looking penalty in their white tops and denims combination ). They took advantage of their all-natural tall statures, and also most of their members vaulted their way into the

next round. When it was Stray Kids’ turn, Changbin, who was an MC at the time, made certain to allow every person understand he had no confidence in his team’s capacities. And also real to his words, while other teams got the rising montage, Stray Kids hilariously got the caught-on-the-vault-montage.

I present to you, Strawberry Kids!

Short of the final: THE BOYZ’s Juyeon as well as ATEEZ’s Wooyoung were doing great as well!

In the end, it was rising idol Minhyuk and Stray Kids’ Bang Chan who dealt with off in the last round at 2m 40 centimeter. However alas, both obtained captured on the vault and also were hence connected for the previous tier.

SF9 back at it with their scene-stealing shenanigans! KF4

What’s a sporting activities day without some finger lickin’ KFC? Oh, you suggest it’s KF4 as well as not KFC? Okay don’t bother.(Granted, lunch for the boys was fried chicken). As an intermission, every person was asked to vote for the visuals of Kingdom, formally called Kingdom F4. Coming in fourth was a connection in between BTOB’s Eunkwang as well as THE BOYZ’s Hyunjae, both with 3 votes each (out of 41 in total amount). In third area was THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo with 4 votes; in 2nd place was Stray Children’

Felix with five votes, and also in starting point was Minhyuk with seven ballots.

Where’s the lie? The reward for coming in very first was a CG radiant result that was applied to aesthetic king Minhyuk whenever he got on display for the rest of the episode. And also really, while there were plenty of good-looking boys out on the field, we can all concur that Minhyuk was looking incredibly fine that day, no? Exactly how securely can you hold on? The 2nd occasion was “capture the tail “but with balloons. The groups each sent 8 members to develop a chain, where

the”head” of one group goes after the”tail”of the other. It was pretty entertaining enjoying the groups run around in circles, and iKON’s Bobby looked specifically entertained whenever his participants could not hang on to the individual in front as well as were flung about. After a 1-1 rating, group Mayfly ultimately arised victorious by winning the sudden death set. How quickly can you run? The 3rd and also final occasion was a relay race where each team sent four members(with Minhyuk running twice for BTOB due to the fact that Changsub was still out). In the relay, BTOB took care of to take the lead from SF9 as well as stayed in front of the pack essentially. Eunkwang took a tumble prior to he was able to hand the baton off to Minhyuk in the last leg and also that cost them their lead. ZZZ right away surpassed them, with ATEEZ’s Wooyoung(who was squashing all the events by the way)focusing for the win, and Bang Chan and also THE BOYZ’s Sangyeon respectively can be found in second as well as third.

In the end, group Mayfly came out

on top, with 1426 factors vs. team The-i-9’s 225. So close! Heh! It was fun to see the kids let loose specifically because we’ve mostly seen their even more major sides (and also it’s nice to see them without” cuts and contusions” on their faces for one week also ). They additionally got the opportunity to mingle with each other, which will be necessary given that they’ll need to collaborate for this next round. And from the preview, it already guarantees to be a beauty!

Round 2 positions Columns from left to right are experts’examinations(first place: ATEEZ ), group

evaluations( connected for top place: SF9 and also BTOB), streaming views(top place: Stray Children), and also global ballot (top place: Stray Kids), specifically. Watch”Kingdom: Legendary Battle “: View Now Which group were you favoring in the sports fulfill? And which

unit team-up are you looking ahead

to one of the most

? Allow us know in the comments listed below. Belinda_C can’t wait for the eruptive phases next week. All-time fave:” Kill Me Recover Me,””Accused,

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