Han Ye Seul Personally Attends To Reports Regarding Teddy And BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Burning Sunlight, Her Guy, And also A lot more

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In the middle of a whirlwind of rumors about her personal life, Han Ye Seul has come forward to straight address the growing speculation.

On June 9, Han Ye Seul posted a video clip on YouTube in which she personally responded to numerous reports that have been circulating online.

One of the initial reports the actress dealt with had to do with her ex-boyfriend Teddy, with whom she separated in 2016. The following year, the YG producer was swept up in dating reports with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, which YG Amusement refuted at the time. Lately, nonetheless, the rumor of a past partnership between Teddy and Jennie resurfaced, and also some started gossiping that Teddy had cheated on Han Ye Seul with Jennie, leading Han Ye Seul to put Jennie throughout the face.

Han Ye Seul strongly closed down the rumor that Jennie was associated with her break up with Teddy, mentioning, “Why is it that when a males and female separate, I do not recognize why people always say points like, ‘There have to have been an issue,’ ‘There must have been an additional lady,’ ‘He ripped off on her,’ or ‘A person needs to have done glitch.’ Why does there require to be this kind of factor for the breakup?”

“Concerning my breakup with Teddy,” she proceeded, “people raised BLACKPINK’s Jennie. I don’t understand if it’s because they’re both under YG or why they’re linking the two. I do not know their background, and also I’ve never ever even met Jennie face to face.”

“But as for whether I was dumped as a result of her?” stated Han Ye Seul. “That’s not real.”

Han Ye Seul took place to resolve different reports concerning her existing sweetheart, whom she initially introduced to the public on Instagram last month. After clearing up that she did not gift her sweetheart with a Lamborghini, as she had actually been rumored to have done, the starlet emphatically refuted rumors that her guy

had previously operated in the grown-up entertainment industry.”My sweetheart is not a host at a host bar,”specified the actress.” He is not a scammer or someone that has swindled other people. He is not a sex employee.”

She went on to indirectly refute the report that she had fulfilled her boyfriend at a host bar, commenting, “I don’t also know what it is people do at a host bar. I’ve never been to a host bar. There’s nothing I can truly discuss concerning this, however at the really least, as much as I recognize, my guy is not [ that kind of person]”

Han Ye Seul included, “I believe it’s unbearable and also unforgivable that individuals are using these rumors, gossip, fallacies, and malicious comments to stomp on this guy’s bright future.”

Han Ye Seul likewise strongly closed down the speculation that she was the starlet mentioned by Burning Sunlight whistleblower Kim Sang Kyo. Earlier this year, Kim Sang Kyo asserted that he had seen a famous starlet drooling intoxicated of medicines at the club, as well as some had recently started to theorize that Han Ye Seul had actually been the actress in question.” I have actually gone to Burning Sunlight exactly once in my entire life,” stated Han Ye Seul. “I didn’t even go to a personal area. I partied in the hall, where every person might see me. As a consequence of going there exactly once, I have actually now been painted in the country’s eyes as a drug addict, a starlet who was salivating throughout herself, and a person who is promiscuous in her individual life. Making Use Of Burning Sun to kill Han Ye Seul. Great. I’m mosting likely to be suing [the people behind the rumors]”

The actress went on to explain, “There were many problems related to Burning Sunlight, such as drugs and prostitution. Yet does that mean that the many individuals who went to Burning Sun over the years are all drug addicts? The once I went, it was for a Halloween celebration.”

“I invited my buddies, associates, as well as associates for the Halloween celebration,” she continued, “as well as I rented out a table. We all spruced up in Halloween costumes and went there to enjoy. And we had a truly great time.”

The starlet then particularly remembered that while the Burning Sun workers had actually provided her an exclusive area because she was a popular star, she had turned it down. “I stated no,” described Han Ye Seul. “I said, ‘Why would I event in a stuffy room? I intend to celebration in the hall, behind the DJ box, where I have the best sight of the main stage.'”

“So I had an actually blast with my friends in a location where every person on the stage might see me,” Han Ye Seul went on. “As well as because I’m a celeb, there were lots of bodyguards surrounding us. Would I have been outrageous enough to do medicines in a location like that? There were many people enjoying us. I can verify this past a doubt in a court of law, because there were numerous witnesses– from my friends to every one of the numerous individuals that were there. In the end, one of my friends had her partner come and choose us up, therefore I made it securely house by cars and truck, without any problems.”

Han Ye Seul concluded the video by describing that she had actually originally chosen not to pursue lawsuit because those around her advised that if she did so, she would wind up attracting even more focus to the incorrect reports in the process, and that it would certainly be wiser to simply allow it go. Nevertheless, she stated that as the harmful comments and also gossip magnified, she can no longer simply unwind and also enjoy.

“Intentionally prompting malicious commenters like this, utilizing fallacies and also ridiculous rumors to ruin an individual’s life, stomp on their profession, as well as harm their feelings– exactly how are these sort of actions any different from institution intimidation and violence?” asked Han Ye Seul. “Stomping on as well as ruining a person’s life with groundless strikes and unofficial conjecture. How is this various from tried murder?”

“Ultimately, I think I will have to consider submitting a lawsuit,” she concluded. “Please watch on exactly how points turn out in the end [in court], as well as please hold your horses and keep a rate of interest in the result. I myself am extremely quick-tempered, but I recognized that things don’t exercise by doing this.”

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