ITZY’s “In The Early Morning” Guards No. 1 Area; Soompi’s K-Pop Music Chart 2021, May Week 4


Bonus harian di Keluaran SDY 2020 – 2021.

ITZY’s” In the morning “repeats as our No. 1 tune for the second week straight, preserving the top spot in spite of strong competition. “In the morning”has likewise won 5 music

shows. Congratulations once again to ITZY! Debuting at No. 2 is Oh My Woman’s brand-new song” Dun Dance,”the title track from their eighth mini cd” Precious OHMYGIRL.” “Dun Dun Dance”is a nu-disco track with vibrant changes in the melody as well as rap while the beat rotates in between funk and also catch.

Rounding out the all-female top three and moving down one place to No. 3 is IU’s previous No. 1 song “LILAC.”

There is another new song in the top 10 this week. Debuting at No. 4 is NCT DESIRE’s “Hot Sauce, which is the title song from their initial complete size cd. A hip jump track with cool vibes and also special vocals, it includes memorable chanting in the carolers and also expresses self-confidence.

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Songs Music Graph – May 2021, Week 4

11 (-1 )롤린 (Rollin’)Brave Ladies
12 (brand-new)상상더하기 (Trip to Atlantis)LABOUM
13 (-4 )그냥 안아달란 말야 (Simply hug me)Davichi
14 (-1 )밤하늘의 별을 (2020) (Shiny Celebrity (2020 ))KyoungSeo
15 (–)사이렌 Remix (Siren Remix (accomplishment. IGNORANT YOUNGSTER & & Paul Blanco))Homies
17 (–)너의 발걸음에 빛을 비춰줄게 (I will light your method)Kassy
18 (-4 )잠이 오질 않네요 (I Can’t Sleep)Jang Beom June
19 (-3 )멜로디 (Tune)ASH ISLAND
20 (-8 )Drunk-DazedENHYPEN
21 (-2 )Do not Call MeSHINee
22 (-4 )밝게 빛나는 별이 되어 비춰줄게 (I will certainly be your radiating star)Song I Han
23 (-2 )이 밤을 빌려 말해요 (Borrow your evening)10cm
24 (-4 )나랑 같이 걸을래 (Do you wish to stroll with me?)Jukjae
25 (brand-new)EasyWJSN THE BLACK
26 (new)Breathe AgainBLITZERS
27 (-5 )취기를 빌려 (Somewhat Sloshed)Sandeul
28 (new)닫힌 엔딩 (Shut End)SHAUN
29 (+5 )겁나니 (Afraid)P1Harmony
30 (–)그날에 나는 맘이 편했을까 (On That Particular Day)Lee Ye Joon
31 (-8 )기다릴게 (I will certainly be waiting)Ha Dong Qn, Bong Gu
32 (-5 )추억은 만남보다 이별에 남아 (I Still Love You)Jung Dong Ha
33 (-5 )이렇게 좋아해 본 적이 없어요 (Never liked it like this)CHEEZE
34 (-2 )PanoramaIZ * ONE
35 (-2 )안녕이란 (Two Letters)Hwang Chi Yeol
37 (-26 )춤춰 (Unsightly Dancing)ONF
38 (-13 )힘든 건 사랑이 아니다 (Love should not be harsh on you)Im Chang Jung
39 (brand-new)Bk Love (accomplishment. Lee Haeri)MC Sniper
41 (-5 )사실 나는 (Really. I miss you (accomplishment. Jeon Gunho))GyeongseoYeji
43 (+1 )I’m Not CoolHyunA
44 (brand-new)Outerspace (task. Loco)Kang Daniel
45 (-10 )ONEASTRO
46 (-15 )Like WaterWendy
47 (-23 )Beautiful NightYesung
48 (new)인생은 나쁜X (Life Is A Bi …)BIBI
49 (-6 )꼬리 (TAIL)Sunmi
50 (-4 )늦은 밤 너의 집 앞 골목길에서 (Late Evening)Noel

Concerning the Soompi Music Graph

Soompi Music Graph takes into consideration rankings by numerous significant music graphes in Korea along with the hottest trending musicians on Soompi, making it a special graph that shows what’s taking place in K-pop not just in Korea yet around the globe. Our chart is composed of the adhering to sources:

Gaon Singles + Albums — 30%
Hanteo Singles + Albums — 20%
Signboard Korea — 20%
Soompi Airplay — 15%
YouTube K-pop Songs + Songs Videos — 15%

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