IU’s “LILAC” Remains No. 1; Soompi’s K-Pop Songs Graph 2021, April Week 3


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IU’s” LAVENDER “is our No. 1 tune for the second successive week! This tune has actually likewise collected 7 songs show wins. Congratulations once more to

IU! BTS’s future hit “Dynamite” moves back up one area to No. 2. Falling one place to No. 3 is Rosé’s former No. 1 track “On The Ground.”

2 brand-new tracks debuted in the top 10 this week.

Debuting at No. 7 is “Like Water,” which is Red Velour singer Wendy’s solo launching track. The acoustic pop ballad highlights Wendy’s soft and also delicate vocals. The verses reveal gratitude towards those who have actually been by her side and share expect the future.

ASTRO’s “ONE,” the title track of their 2nd full size cd, debuts at No. 8. It is a digital dancing track with catch as well as R&B fit together in, as well as the lyrics reveal the wish to be together for life with a special somebody.

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Singles Songs Graph – April 2021, Week 3

11 (-1 )잠이 오질 않네요 (I Can Not Sleep)Jang Beom June
12 (-1 )밤하늘의 별을 (2020) (Shiny Star (2020 ))KyoungSeo
13 (-4 )어떤X (What Type of X)Jessi
14 (-2 )이 밤을 빌려 말해요 (Obtain your night)10cm
15 (-1 )밝게 빛나는 별이 되어 비춰줄게 (I will certainly be your beaming star)Track I Han
16 (-1 )나랑 같이 걸을래 (Do you wish to stroll with me?)Jukjae
17 (brand-new)5KLee Jin Hyuk
18 (-2 )그날에 나는 맘이 편했을까 (On That Day)Lee Ye Joon
19 (new)안녕이란 (2 Letters)Hwang Chi Yeol
21 (-4 )취기를 빌려 (A Little Tipsy)Sandeul
22 (-3 )힘든 건 사랑이 아니다 (Love need to not be severe on you)Im Chang Jung
23 (-5 )꼬리 (TAIL)Sunmi
24 (+17 )아이야 (IYAH)Kang Seung Yoon
25 (-3 )고백 (Confession)Huh Gak
26 (-2 )함께 했는데 이별은 나 혼자인 거야 (If You Were Still Below)Sojung
27 (new)sex driveOnlyOneOf
28 (-2 )사실 나는 (Actually. I miss you (feat. Jeon Gunho))GyeongseoYeji
29 (new)찾지 않을게 (I Would Not Seek You)Kim Jae Hwan
30 (-9 )이렇게 좋아해 본 적이 없어요 (Never ever liked it such as this)CHEEZE
31 (-6 )ViewIZ * ONE
33 (-2 )House PartySuper Junior
34 (-7 )내 마음이 움찔했던 순간 (The Minute My Heart)Kyuhyun
37 (-4 )추억은 만남보다 이별에 남아 (I Still Love You)Jung Dong Ha
38 (-6 )I’m Not CoolHyunA
39 (-1 )When We Disco (duet with Sunmi)Park Jin Young
40 (-27 )Caution (accomplishment. lIlBOI)Kim Sejeong
41 (-1 )늦은 밤 너의 집 앞 골목길에서 (Late Night)Noel
42 (+4 )살짝 설렜어 (Continuously)Oh My Woman
43 (-20 )DO or NOTPENTAGON
44 (-10 )그 한마디 (I Can’t Claim That)Lee Hello
45 (-16 )Break Your BoxChanyeol
46 (+1 )멜로디 (Tune)ASH ISLAND
47 (-4 )사랑하는 당신께 (Love Letter)Paul Kim
48 (new)사랑했다 (Enjoyed You)BAE173
49 (-14 )불놀이야 (Fireworks (I’m The One))ATEEZ
50 (-11 )딩가딩가 (Dingga)MAMAMOO

About the Soompi Songs Chart

Soompi Music Chart considers positions by various significant music charts in Korea in addition to the most popular trending artists on Soompi, making it a special graph that shows what’s going on in K-pop not just in Korea yet around the globe. Our chart is composed of the complying with sources:

Gaon Singles + Albums — 30%
Hanteo Singles + Albums — 20%
Signboard Korea — 20%
Soompi Airplay — 15%
YouTube K-pop Songs + Songs Videos — 15%

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