Kim Yoo Jung, Nam Da Reum, Park Hae Joon, And Extra Prepare To Fight Wickedness In New Enigma Horror Film

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The upcoming Netflix movie “The 8th Night” has actually shared brand-new stills of its actors.

“The 8th Night” is a mystery thriller horror movie regarding the eight-day resist the “spirit that should not be stired up” that will certainly trigger the globe to descend into heck once it has actually gone across the “seven footbridges.” It is routed by the beginner director Kim Tae Hyung.

Lee Sung Minutes stars as Jin Soo, who was born with the fate of protecting against the “spirit that has to not be awakened” from going into the globe. Nam Da Reum celebrities as Cheong Seok, a young monk who seeks out Jin Soo after finding out that the spirit will wake. The new stills reveal the two of them carrying out a mysterious routine in a dark space with candles lit. Park Hae Joon stars as Ho Tae, a cops investigator in the violent criminal offenses division, that is seen checking out a dried-up and mangled remains.

Kim Yoo Jung stars as Ae Ran, a woman with a trick, that is seen in the brand-new stills maintaining an eagle eye on Cheong Seok. In the remainder of the stills, Jin Soo and also Cheong Seok go out to the woods in order to challenge the mysterious being and stop it from entering their globe as well as wreaking havoc.

“The 8th Evening

“premieres worldwide on Netflix on July 2. Resource (1) How does this article make you really feel?