Lee Bo Young And Also Kim Search Engine Optimization Hyung Show Their Distinct Beauties With Contrasting Wear New Drama “Mine”

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tvN’s new dramatization “Mine” has shared one more glance of the dramatization ahead of its best!

“Mine” is a drama regarding strong and enthusiastic females that get over society’s prejudices to uncover what is genuinely theirs. Lee Bo Youthful stars as Search engine optimization Hee Soo, a former leading starlet as well as the partner of the second son of the chaebol family Hyowon Team. Kim Search engine optimization Hyung stars as Jung Search engine optimization Hyun, the sophisticated as well as well-born other half of Hyowon Group’s eldest child.

The freshly launched stills portray the member of the family of the elite Hyowon Team integrating for a glamorous party. They sit under a stunning light fixture as their house maids and butlers rush to serve them. The party is led by none apart from Mr. Han (played by Jung Dong Hwan), the chairman of Hyowon Group and also the head of the family.

While Jung Seo Hyun and the majority of the family members are dressed in black, Search engine optimization Hee Soo radiates in a vibrant orange gown. This hints that she is somebody who does not follow rules or standards and lives according to her convictions. Despite the fact that Jung Seo Hyun has actually conformed to the outfit code, she showcases her unique appeals with her sophisticated look as well as lovely smile.

Another point that stands out at the party is the blue diamond in Mr. Han’s hand. The gem will immediately catch everybody’s eye with its dazzling radiance, and also it raises questions concerning why he is revealing it to begin with.