Lee Sang Yi Catches Geum Sae Rok Taking Off A Harmful Situation In “Youth Of May”

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Geum Sae Rok will be captured in a hazardous circumstance in the upcoming episode of KBS’s “Young people of May.”

“Youth of May” is a romance drama regarding the fateful meeting of medical trainee Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and nurse Kim Myung Hee (Go Minutes Si), who fall in love amidst the speedy of occasions that occur in May 1980, a traditionally significant period in South Korea.

In the dramatization, Lee Sang Yi plays Lee Soo Chan, the eldest son of a wealthy family members, as well as Geum Sae Rok plays his sibling Lee Soo Ryun, a regulation trainee who signs up with the trainee activity.


The brand-new stills show that Gwangju has been taken control of by armed soldiers as the country is placed under martial law. In a previous episode, Lee Soo Chan had taken Lee Soo Ryun to Seoul in order to prepare for her marriage to Hwang Hee Tae. Lee Soo Chan had actually said passionately to her at the time, “Return if you feel like you can not stand it.” Back in Gwangju, Lee Soo Chan needed to combat to maintain his company out of the hands of Hwang Gi Nam (Oh Male Seok), Hwang Hee Tae’s daddy.

However in the new stills, Lee Soo Ryun as well as Lee Soo Chan are stunned to fulfill each other on the roads of Gwangju. Lee Soo Chan looks both angry to find his sibling in Gwangju when she was expected to be in Seoul, as well as worried over the blood on her arm.

Lee Soo Ryun had been getting away from the dubious look of an armed soldier

while covering for another young student. Later on, she stoops together with the other residents in front of soldiers that are equipped with cudgels as well as weapons. The stills show that Lee Soo Ryun, that is called the”Joan of Arc “of her legislation college, will need to select what fate she desires as the armed soldiers get here in town. It likewise recommends increasing dispute in between her ideals and also her brother, who thinks that shielding his family is the most essential thing in the world.

This episode of “Youth of May” will air on May 31 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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