Leessang’s Gil Denies Producer’s Cases Of Attack, Scare Tactics, As Well As Exploitation Of Labor

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Leessang’s Gil has replied to allegations made by a producer named Tank that Gil manipulated and attacked his personnel and also colleagues.

On February 17, singer and producer Storage tank (genuine name Ahn Jin Woong) posted a video clip on his YouTube network. Tank has actually produced tracks for Lee Hi there, Verbal Jint, Baek Ji Young, Ong Seong Wu, and a lot more.

In the video clip, Storage tank referred to Gil as a previous top hip jump producer and range reveal celebrity in Korea that was billed 3 times for dwi. Tank implicated Gil of physical violence versus women, assaulting his supervisor, and also exploitation of labor of his personnel. He claimed that Gil had actually dated four females at the exact same time and also mosted likely to nightclubs to have casual sexes and also treated coworkers like Storage tank like slaves without signing a contract.

Container clarified that he had actually satisfied Gil for the first time at a place called Kwak Workshop, not long after he tipped down from “Infinite Challenge.” Tank claimed that he and also 3 various other producers were essentially put behind bars in the method space for “Limitless Difficulty” and also provided a check card with 1.2 million won (concerning $1,084) on it to cover their food fees for 4 months. Container even more affirmed that there was nothing else regular monthly repayment and if the producers really did not generate songs that Gil suched as, Gil would verbally abuse them as well as even literally attack them.

Container likewise claimed that Gil had literally and verbally attacked his stylists as well as managers to the point that it affected filming for “Limitless Difficulty” and he was offered a warning by Yoo Jae Suk and also HaHa. Tank additionally claimed that when Gil was in danger of being demanded plagiarism for the song “Horangnabi,” Gil told Tank to take lawful duty. Tank admitted that he had actually been the one to find up with the initial draft of the tune, however added that he had absolutely nothing to do with the carolers, the final lyrics, the melody, or the setup. Tank asserted that Gil had actually plagiarised Kim Heung Gook’s “Horangnabi” himself without obtaining consent from the copyright owners.

Container likewise declared that Gil had vocally over used Oh In Hye, his partner at the time, an actress that passed away in September 2020. Container in addition claimed that Gil had also dishonored IU after he saw a video of her vocal singing to Leessang’s tracks at karaoke.

Since February 18 at 11 p.m. KST, the video has been deleted.

On February 19, Gil and his legal agents, Oracle, shared an official statement replying to Tank’s accusations.

In the statement, Gil denied all the claims that Tank made in his YouTube video clip. He clarified that he had worked with Container as component of a manufacturer group for regarding a year, which this was not on an employer-employee basis yet as a partnership. As a result, settlement would be a division of benefit from the music the team created. Gil claimed that although the manufacturers on the team were expected to split expenses too, Storage tank just asserted the earnings without paying for expenses.

Gil stated that Tank’s cases regarding exploitation of labor were false since Tank got three times a lot more make money from “Horangnabi” than Gil did. Gil likewise examined how he would certainly have been able to lock up people in the “Limitless Challenge” practice space, which was shared by numerous participants.

Gil likewise specified that he had actually negotiated the copyright issues of his tune “Horangnabi” with Lee Hye Minutes, that had created and also created Kim Heung Gook’s “Horangnabi,” after the tune was released on “Show Me the cash.” Gil included that he had actually contacted Tank regarding the outcomes of this settlement, but that there was no intimidation or risks included.

Gil additionally said that before the YouTube video being submitted, Container had actually sent him and also his acquaintances messages asserting to be dealt with for mental disease as well as threatening suicide. Gil likewise said that he had heard various other artists being sent messages like this along with demands to collaborate and acquire him beverages.

The statement said, “Regardless of this scenario, Gil sustained this therapy because he felt pity for someone that was his elderly in life and as soon as his colleague. This YouTuber has proceeded his shocking actions, also going so much as to bring up the name of the departed entirely to bring Gil down, as well as discussed celebrities who have no connection to this concern whatsoever. Gil determined he could no much longer remain silent.”

The statement announced that Gil would certainly be taking legal action versus the spread of incorrect rumors in both criminal and also civil legal actions for problems, and that he had no prepare for lax therapy against the offenders.

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