Oh My Girl Discuss Indicating Of New Album And Stress To Measure Up To Expectations After In 2015’s Success

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Oh My Lady held an on-line press showcase for their new album that was released today!

Mimi experienced wooziness and also queasiness on the early morning of the display and also was not able to participate in.

Concerning their 8th mini album “Dear OHMYGIRL,” Hyojung shared, “Due to the fact that it’s our initial return in one year and also one month, we contemplated a whole lot concerning the album and also the efficiency. Please consider us fondly even if it’s not ideal.”

In 2014, Oh My Lady launched their advancement album” NONSTOP “which contains the title track”Nonstop”and the preferred B-side track “Dolphin. “The team accomplished 8 music show wins with”Nonstop, “and also both songs were licensed platinum by Gaon Chart after

each exceeding 100 million streams. Hyojung stated concerning their success during the past year, “We were appreciative for the tremendous love we got in 2014. I would certainly say our key is that we kept moving forward without giving up. Oh My Woman gradually went up each action one by one. Instead of considering how tall each action was, we focused a lot more on the truth that we were moving on. We will keep going forward.”

Oh My Girl’s brand-new title track “Dun Dun Dancing”is a refreshing yet emotional dancing pop track in which Oh My Lady depicts themselves as aliens. Jiho described, “We felt pressured about our upcoming tune, but we considered more concerning what sort of appearance we would certainly show. We intended to keep Oh My Woman’s design while additionally mixing in an adjustment. I assume this is a turning factor for

Oh My Woman. “Arin shared,” I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can. Please eagerly anticipate the amazing chemistry between the participants on phase. “Seunghee described that “Beloved OHMYGIRL”is a tale about Oh My Woman and has the messages they intended to inform each other. Hyojung highlighted the truth that their team name is consisted of in the title of the cd, as none of their previous albums besides their launching album had done this.”It has an unique place in my heart due to the fact that it’s an album that contains our one-of-a-kind design as well as tales,” she commented, including, “You’ll think about Oh My Woman the minute you pay attention to it.”

Jiho asked fans to concentrate on the story behind the album as well as the participants’vocal tones. She described,”If you pay attention to all of the tracks, you’ll observe that ‘Dun Dun Dance’ is the only song that focuses on the efficiency aspect. The rest of the tracks are all easy to pay attention to, as well as you’ll have the ability to hear each member’s singing tone.”YooA shared that she believed Oh My Girl’s stamina is their brilliant power and that “Dun Dun Dance”is a tune that completely catches that facet of theirs.”The’ murder point ‘of the song is that anyone can quickly sing along. Through the tune, we’ll be sharing the message that we ought to run away from our lives and also enjoy today.”

On reaching their sixth year together as a group, Binnie mentioned,”We’ve ended up being both internally and externally elder compared to when we debuted. Our understanding of songs has likewise transformed. We’re joining it more actively than previously. “Arin commented,” My perspective has actually changed. In the past, I concentrated extra on making ourselves recognized to the general public, but I’m slowly delighting in the stage much more as well as assuming more about our fans.”

As her objective for this resurgence, Hyojung shared that she wanted to hear people say, “As anticipated of Oh My Lady.” Seunghee shared her expect individuals to be able to take their masks off this year as well as to see their followers straight. She added that she wanted the cd to be taken into consideration one whereby Oh My Woman “spearheaded their own path.”

“Dear OHMYGIRL” was released today (May 10) at 6 p.m. KST. Enjoy the music video for “Dun Dun Dance” here!

Also see Seunghee in the variety show “Charm and also the Beast” below:

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