Previous AOA Member Mina Excuses Cheating Conflict + Reveals She Has Damaged Up With Her Boyfriend

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Former AOA participant Mina has actually launched an apology concerning her current disloyalty controversy.

On July 4, Mina published a statement on Instagram announcing that she had actually broken up with her partner, whom she described by his surname (Yoo). She additionally confessed, “It’s true that both Mr. Yoo and also I ripped off,” before excusing acting “like a scheming fox.”

Mina initially disclosed her connection with Yoo on June 26, when she posted an image of herself with a guy on Instagram. She then verified in the remarks that same day that the guy in the picture was her boyfriend.

Quickly afterwards, a private published on an on-line community insisting that the male Mina called her sweetheart was actually the guy of her friend (hereafter referred to as A). The author of the blog post discussed that the pair lived together and had actually been dating for three years prior to Mina first got in touch with Yoo on Instagram by DM (direct message).

The author of the message added that Mina had understood Yoo and A’s connection, which stayed greatly recorded on his Instagram up till the day Mina published the picture (at the time of Mina’s message, Yoo and A’s couple photos were still visible on his Instagram account). She likewise uploaded a screenshot of their DMs in which Mina mentioned on June 10, “You and your sweetheart look great with each other.”

Mina at first reacted to the message by asserting that while she knew Yoo had a partner when they initially started chatting, she just started dating him after he had currently broken up with A. Nevertheless, screenshots of Yoo as well as A’s sms message uploaded by friends of A revealed that Yoo had actually not really broken up with A before meeting Mina, yet instead had actually existed to her that he was mosting likely to hang out with close friends from the military. According to the screenshots, when A saw Mina’s photo and also called Yoo out of shock, Yoo replied, “I regret injuring you up till the end,” before suddenly cutting off all call with A.

As the conflict remained to expand, Mina consistently rejected the claims and also intimidated to take legal action against malicious articles as well as remarks. She likewise published on Instagram claiming that A’s father had actually been contacting her with fatality dangers as well as had actually called her a “woman of the street” and a “slut.”

A then directly defended the first time to make clear that her daddy had never gotten in touch with Mina and had actually never also discussed her– he had actually only spoken to Yoo by DM to ask him to remove his posts about his little girl, as well as he had actually never made any fatality dangers or stated Mina in any way, let alone used any negative language such as calling her a prostitute.

An additionally revealed screenshots of her DMs with Mina from when she initially realized that Mina and also Yoo were entailed. After seeing Mina’s photo, A messaged Mina to inquire about it, leading to the adhering to discussion:

A: Unnie, have you and also my boyfriend chose to begin seeing each other.?
Mina: Do you recognize me? That are you
A: You stated, “You and your girlfriend look great together”
A: [screenshot of Mina’s discussion with Yoo consisting of the above quote]Mina: Oh, that person?Mina: So why are you DM-ing me?Mina: He’s dating me afterbreaking up [with you] Mina: Is that a problem?A: If he had broken up with me, after that
why would certainly our pictures still get on my Instagram and Yoo’s Instagram? I really don’t recognize why you’re making believe not to understand. If he had broken up with me and afterwards began dating you, it does not make any sense that he would certainly leave all his images with his ex-girlfriend on his Instagram specifically as they are. Even on the day that you posted your image with Yoo, the photos were still there, just as they were before. I’ll be clear: you posted your picture prior to Yoo and also I separated, and also we just broke up because I saw that picture and the articles about it. Taking a look at the scenario, I truly do not assume you can not have actually recognized. Please tell Yoo to stop calling me. I don’t know why I need to be harassed much more when I’m the victim. [Screenshot revealing Mina obstructed A] On July 3, a group of AOA’s fans integrated to launch a statement pertaining to Mina’s

allegations that she had been harassed by her former bandmate Jimin during her time in AOA. The fans specified that they did not concur with Mina’s position, countering a few of the certain claims she made in 2015, and they highlighted that while Jimin had left AOA and the entertainment industry, she had never ever in fact confessed to harassing Mina. On July 4, Mina published a statement that began, “Yes. After listening to the opinion of those that have been badmouthing me, I intended to rapidly talk about this event and after that post it as a video, but individuals claimed they didn’t want to see my face, so I’m publishing it as text.”She went on to specify the following: Translator’s note: Parts of the initial declaration

were not composed in full or grammatically rightsentences, as Mina herself mentions at the end of the declaration. What I spoke with Mr. Yoo(I made a decision not to trouble with concealing [his profile photo]

given that his name has currently remained in the related Naver search term rankings for time)is that their connection was currently bad, that they were dealing with a whole lot, that their individualities really did not match, that he was dating her out of familiarity. Likewise, Mr. Yoo expressed rate of interest in me first, and also I really felt drawn to him too since we linked so well in conversation. We likewise had a lot in common in terms of our history. However at the time, we spoke about things like,”We shouldn’t do this due to the fact that you have a girlfriend, “and also”I’m in the middle of finishing it,”and” I finished it forever, “and then we must have fallen for each other and also started dating, right? At that time, I assumed that because we began dating after they broke up, also if I hadn’t done anything to be happy with, it had not been dishonesty. Even now, I have a great deal of older and younger followers with whom I became friends, rather than calling them followers, and also I still maintain those kinds of relationships. At any rate, back then, I still assumed,”If they separated when they were

n’t in love any longer, why is everybody so mad about this? Is it really just because I have not admitted to the disloyalty?” You might locate this astonishing, yet that’s truthfully exactly how I really felt. That’s why, back then, I composed my posts really coldly, and why I spoke with the victim [A] in an argumentative tone, as opposed to a courteous one. After seeing his ex-girlfriend’s current article on Nate Pann, as well as the KakaoTalk messages

the two of them traded, I heard the truthful fact from Mr. Yoo. It was all lies. Because of that, I had the ability to consider things from his ex-girlfriend’s perspective. It’s true that both Mr. Yoo and I ripped off. I’m absolutely sorry to the ex-girlfriend as well as her colleagues, that need to have been hurt because of me. Thanks to your working up the guts to submit the message, I ended up learning the truth, as well as I would certainly be existing if I claimed I really did not criticize Mr. Yoo at all. Yet it’s clear-cut reality that I am a perpetrator, and also I’ve wound up resembling I just listened away and also kept urging that I hadn’t done anything incorrect, and I confess that all of this is my mistake and am truly reflecting on it. There were no words like “prostitute “in [A’s] dad’s text.

I wasn’t stating that I would certainly listened to those words from her papa, but was just creating different things I would certainly heard occasionally, and also I was stating that I would certainly gotten risks that were [not death hazards, but] at the degree of fatality dangers. The reason for this is due to the fact that [in his text to Yoo asking him to remove his blog posts concerning A], he wrote the plural form of”you,”so I thought that I was included. And to make somebody piss themselves, they would certainly have to be at the brink of death or really pass away. Individuals just piss themselves when they are at the highest level of concern. Individuals do not piss themselves when they are just raped or injured or beat up by lots of individuals. That’s why I was so terrified back then, and also I thought,” Isn’t this going also far?”After finding out the truth about everything, what moms and dads would certainly like it if the sweetheart of their priceless daughter all of a sudden two-timed her with a random lady for numerous days … I comprehend. Mina ended: I all the best apologize. In this incident with Mr. Yoo and his ex-girlfriend, I am plainly a criminal, and also since I understood this far too late, I behaved foolishly. Of course I admit to my misbehaviors, and

I would love to bow

my head in honest apology to the target that was previously his partner. And also of course I am currently no more dating Mr. Yoo. From today on, I will just receive encouraging messages from people, and I will certainly not react to anyone. I will certainly likewise be removing all contact with the fans that I am currently in contact with. I absolutely feel a great deal of shame for being as well free-spirited and also acting however I wished, and also I’m sorry. I additionally apologize for having actually dissatisfied many individuals. Relating to the mention of Shin Jimin, I additionally want to ask. Why are lots of people bringing her up … and that statement [by AOA’s fans] was also a mess … she has nothing to do with this event, as well as I likewise don’t want to speak about

her. Don’t attempt to make me a perpetrator in this instance with frauds. When it comes to the Shin Jimin case, I am a substantial victim. Once again, I apologize to the victim [A] for creating a disruption with this incident. This kind of thing need to never ever take place once more in the future, and also I will certainly take more obligation in my words and also actions from currently on to prevent more sufferers from developing in the

future. I additionally excuse not creating clearly, for rambling in my writing, and for making use of wrong spelling and also grammar. I additionally intend to fix this element [of my writing], however I’m not that well-educated, so although it’s awkward, I wish you’ll comprehend … I likewise admit I acted like a scheming fox … I’m truly sorry … Source(1) Just how does this write-up make you feel?