See: NU’EST Takes second Win For “INSIDE OUT” On “Songs Financial Institution”; Performances By ITZY, ENHYPEN, And also Much more

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The April 30 episode of “Music Bank” featured NU’EST’s “WITHIN OUT” as well as Brave Girls’ “Rollin'” as prospects for first place. NU’EST took their second win for “INSIDE OUT” with 5,446 points over 4,940 points for “Rollin.'”

This week’s performers consist of AB6IX, ENHYPEN, ITZY, NTX, OnlyOneOf, P1Harmony, STAYC, NORAZO, NU’EST, LUNARSOLAR, Mckdaddy and YELLO, BIBI, Sangho & & Sangmin, ONF, Lee Jin Hyuk, Tea Party (from” Replica”), and HOT ISSUE.

Victor News:

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See today’s efficiencies listed below: Mckdaddy and

YELO– “Bad Thing”

NTX–” KISS THE WORLD” BIBI–” NEGATIVE SAD AND ALSO MAD”< iframe course=" lazyload youtube-player"

type =” text/html” size=” 640″ height=” 390″ data-src=”” allowfullscreen=” true” > HOT CONCERN–” GRATATA”

P1Harmony– “Scared”

STAYC–” ASAP” Sangho & Sangmin–” Gan-Zaep”< iframe course=" lazyload youtube-player

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= “true” > Tea ceremony–“

Program Me ” OnlyOneOf–” sex drive”

LUNARSOLAR–” DADADA” ENHYPEN–” Not For Sale” and” Drunk-Dazed “< iframe class =" lazyload youtube-player" type ="

text/html “size =” 640″ height =” 390″ data-src =”” allowfullscreen =” true” > Lee Jin Hyuk–” Stroke of genius d’√Čtat ” AB6IX–” CLOSE” ONF–” Ugly Dance” NORAZO– “Veggie” ITZY–” Mafia In the early morning ” NU’EST–” WITHIN OUT” Exactly how does this write-up make you feel?