Track Kang Places On A Stunning Dancing Efficiency For Park In Hwan In “Navillera”

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tvN has shared a peek at a touching moment in the upcoming episode of “Navillera”!

Based upon a prominent webtoon of the same name, “Navillera” is about Shim Duk Chool (Park In Hwan), who starts ballet at the age of 70, as well as Lee Chae Rok (Track Kang), a 23-year-old ballerino who gets shed while chasing his desires.


In the previous episode, Shim Duk Chool finally made his launching as a ballerino. However, after doing in front of many ballerinas, his symptoms of mental deterioration worsened for some time. Lee Chae Rok discovered that Shim Duk Chool had Alzheimer’s, damaging viewers’ hearts and questioning about what will occur in the future.

On April 13, the dramatization launched new stills of the next episode. In the images, Lee Chae Rok is placing on a ballet efficiency before Shim Duk Chool. Lee Chae Rok shows off his polished as well as stylish moves in the middle of the road, as well as his eyes are a lot more determined and also affectionate than ever. Shim Duk Chool’s face is lit up with happiness and inflammation as he views Lee Chae Rok unfold their dreams prior to his eyes. The snows bathing over them enhances the emotional atmosphere of this significant scene.

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