Watch: Lee Yi Kyung Jokes About Adding To High Scores While Filming Cameo On “Regular Monthly Publication House”

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JTBC’s “Regular monthly Publication House” shared a new behind the curtain consider Lee Yi Kyung’s cameo!

The JTBC rom-com stars Jung So Min as Na Young Won, a woman that believes homes are for staying in, and Kim Ji Suk as Yoo Ja Sung, a guy who thinks residences are for purchasing.

Lee Yi Kyung has actually taken on the function of freelance press reporter Kwon Minutes Guk that pertains to create a marketing write-up with the publication.

The video clip begins with Lee Yi Kyung and Kim Won Hae sharing excellent chemistry while recording intro scenes. Throughout the break, Lee Yi Kyung passionately pats Kim Won Hae’s stomach and asks, “Why did you shed a lot weight?” Kim Won Hae plays along and also shares, “No, I’ve gained weight.” Lee Yi Kyung asks once again, “Why did you gain so much weight?” yet tells him he did a great work regardless.

While waiting to film their scene, Jung So Min and also Ahn Chang Hwan can’t stop giggling while joking about. Jung So Minutes highlights a concealed sweet from the pencil case as well as shares, “I provided it to him, this sweet.” Ahn Chang Hwan completes her sentence by clarifying,” [This sweet] wrapper.” Jung So Minutes gently hands an actual item of candy to the person shooting the making-of video, as well as Ahn Chang Hwan puts the vacant candy wrapper back in Jung So Minutes’s desk.

In an additional scene, Jung So Minutes neglects to leave the workplace right away, so Kim Ji Suk quietly looks at her till she notifications. She neglects to leave the second time, creating Kim Ji Suk to awkwardly leave the set himself. Kim Ji Suk asks, “Are you not going to consider the manuscript?” making Jung So Minutes break out laughing while saying sorry.

Kim Ji Suk asks Lee Yi Kyung, “Do you bring hit scores?” referring to the high viewership rankings his last dramatization “Royal Inside man” attained. Lee Yi Kyung comments, “I’m like somebody with a spiritual sense.” Kim Ji Suk concerns what portion of the ratings Lee Yi Kyung contributed to in “Royal Secret Agent,” and also Lee Yi Kyung replies, “It’s specifically half.” Kim Ji Suk states, “Oh, 7 percent? There wasn’t even a second of doubt. Weren’t there three [main actors] Should not it be split evenly in three methods after that?” Lee Yi Kyung laughs and also amusingly states, “Just how can it be split equally?”

See the complete making-of video listed below!

“Regular Monthly Magazine House” airs every Wednesday and also Thursday at 9 p.m. KST. Overtake the drama below! Enjoy Currently

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