Watch: YoonA As Well As Park Jung Minutes Do Whatever It Takes To Develop A Train Drop In Trailer For New Movie

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A teaser has actually been released for “Miracle” (actual title) starring Ladies’ Generation’s YoonA as well as Park Jung Minutes!

“Wonder” is a fictional film based upon a real story. Happening in 1986, the film will tell the tale of math prodigy Jun Kyung who lives in the roadless countryside of North Gyeongsang District.

Park Jung Minutes will certainly be playing the math wizard Jun Kyung that stays in a village that takes him five hrs simply to commute to college. Without recognizing when a train might pass by, he has to take the danger of strolling alongside the train tracks to reach college. Jun Kyung will certainly establish a whimsical yet effective plan to develop a tiny train quit for the village.

YoonA will certainly play the unpredictable Ra Hee who notifications Jun Kyung’s present beforehand. After realizing Jun Kyung’s phenomenal charm prima facie, she plays very close attention to him and actively pushes him onward, developing a rejuvenating chemistry in the dramatization.

The intro reveals a look of Jun Kyung’s life. He has a supportive older sister named Bo Kyung (Lee Soo Kyung), and also his dad Tae Yoon (Lee Sung Minutes) is a devoted engineer that has never ever been late for job. He has a pleasant connection with Ra Hee.

In the clip, Jun Kyung regularly makes an initiative to reach heaven House. He has actually written 54 letters up until now, as well as it’s all for one goal: to have a train drop in the village. When his letters don’t function, Ra Hee, that recognizes he’s a brilliant, recommends he joins a math competition. She informs him to win top place so that he can satisfy the president when he obtains his award. That plan also goes down the drain when the superintendent is selected to offer him the award instead.

Jun Kyung doesn’t give up, as well as he proceeds to work difficult in the direction of his goal. Ra Hee and also Bo Kyung sustain him with everything they have. At the end of the video clip, Jun Kyung asks, “Do you understand why I’m so determined to construct Yangwon Terminal?”

Have a look at the intro below!


will premiere in June. In the

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