Yoo Seon Ho Cast In Dream Drama Starring Kim Sae Ron And Also Nam Da Reum

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Yoo Seon Ho has been verified for his initial fantasy drama!

Yoo Seon Ho will certainly be appearing in the Kakao TELEVISION initial fantasy dramatization “Outstanding Shaman Ga Doo Shim” (actual title). The dream enigma romance stars Kim Sae Ron as the 18-year-old Ga Doo Shim, that was born with the unwanted destiny of becoming a medicine man, and also Nam Da Reum as gold child Na Woo Soo, that gets the undesirable ability to see fiends after he fulfills Ga Doo Shim. Together, they should resolve various enigmas in order to make it through.

Yoo Seon Ho signs up with the cast as the spirit of high schooler Hyun Soo, that stays by Ga Doo Shim’s side after his regrettable fatality by a ghoul. The program will certainly catch Hyun Soo’s makeover in detail as it depicts his life as a regular high school trainee, exactly how he is had by the fiend, and also exactly how he comes to be a spirit that can not leave the earth. In attempts to look for his mom, he starts to follow Ga Doo Shim around as she was present when he died. By doing so, he inadvertently obtains involved in different mystery cases. Visitors can eagerly anticipate his chemistry with Kim Sae Ron as they will often bicker, however eventually get on like pals and also siblings.

“Superb Witch Doctor Ga Doo Shim” will be Yoo Seon Ho’s very first effort at the fantasy style after showing up in various other works like “Rebel Detectives,” “My Weird Hero,” and “Undercover.” Through this drama, he will certainly be appearing as a spirit rather than a human, displaying a brand-new appeal as well as broadening his range as an actor.

Yoo Seon Ho commented, “Given that it’s my very first fantasy dramatization, I’m excited and eagerly anticipating seeing exactly how the project will certainly be developed. I will do my ideal while acting so it can come to be a dramatization that everyone can have fun delighting in.”

“Exceptional Shaman Ga Doo Shim” will consist of 12 20-minute episodes and also is scheduled to premiere at some point in the second fifty percent of this year by means of Kakao TV.

Watch Yoo Seon Ho in “Rebel Investigators” listed below!

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